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Our Mission

To illuminate reliable health data and lighten the health journey for patients, families, caregivers, and entire communities – including the burdened healthcare system.

Our Promise

To point Medicare patients and their family care advocates,  toward better health decisions via objective data, health management tools, and complete transparency. Less stress, less guesswork, less healthcare spending overall.
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We‘ve figured out a better way.

Radius Care is the only software that actively monitors a Medicare member’s health data and applies machine learning to anonymized transaction data, suggests the top-rated physicians, facilities, and services each time their health profile changes.

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Less costly & Less Chance of Misdiagnosis

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Radius Care was founded on two foundational beliefs.

Both increase the likelihood of positive health outcomes moving forward:

  1. That by monitoring, organizing, and delivering aggregated objective-based patient data to Medicare patients, we can point patients (and their authorized family members) to nearby physicians and services that have had the highest success pertaining to a diagnosis and health profile – sparing them time, confusion, and the risk of missteps.
  2. That care can be managed in an easier, clearer way, making the health journey smoother for everyone involved.

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Origin Story

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Hold the Power of Radius Care.

The name Radius Care nods to the overarching goal: To surround every patient – and their caregivers and families – with the very best guidance and care for their exact health profile.

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Choose your doctors based on data – not opinions.

When making critical health decisions, you need information you can trust. Get reliable recommendations based on national outcome driven data.

About Radius Care

Radius Care is fully HIPAA compliant!

We do not review or disclose any patient details.


Radius Care is fully HIPAA compliant!

We do not review or disclose any patient details.

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