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General Radius Care Questions

Radius Care is the only platform in existence to use transaction-driven, near real-time, de-identified healthcare data to locate and suggest the higher rated medical providers specific to the medical conditions of the user.

When users first sign up for Radius Care, our system ingests more than 200 points of data related to their health concerns. This is not information entered by the user. It is compiled from over 69,000 possible diagnosis codes retrieved when the user authorizes Radius Care access through Medicare, meaning our starting point is factual and not prone to user input errors.

Radius Care amasses Medicare patient outcome data and utilizes data analytics to deliver customized healthcare recommendations, based on a users’ exact health profiles and locations. We serve as a guide to Medicare members and their family advocates, empowering them with objective information that continually directs them on a journey towards their best health options.

Radius Care brings data-driven clarity to this critical question for the life of Medicare members, providing instant information on the highest rated doctors and hospitals as well as  treatments and medication information for a patient’s exact health profile and location, delivered automatically whenever health changes.

Yes. Radius Care is free for Medicare members and as many family member health advocates they choose to grant access.

After initial sign up, Radius Care continuously monitors a members health data for change.   Similar to credit monitoring, anytime a user experiences a diagnosed health change Radius Care sees the transaction record detail.  Within 24 hours of a new entry into the members Medicare file Radius Care automatically send an alert to the user to view their Radius Report™ providing data-driven insights and objective recommendations specific to the health change.

Radius has amassed a database of millions of healthcare transactions including ratings and reviews tied to most doctors.  The Radius Care ratings are compiled from verified patient ratings, patient feedback, quality scores and outcome data.  Radius Care updates provider ratings details monthly.

Web search ratings are publicly available, internet-based scores for any given healthcare provider; they tend to vary from one platform to the next. Any internet user can rate a provider and research shows that ratings often reflect the respondent’s perception rather than medical outcomes. Since they are open surveys, anyone may respond even those who have not had an appointment with that doctor.

Yes, you can read our privacy policy here.

To contact our customer support team, please fill out our online form, here.

Account Creation

Yes, your security and privacy is of the utmost importance. You can feel comfortable and confident when using Radius Care. As an authorized technology partner of Medicare, Radius Care is required to uphold the highest security measures and fully adhere to HIPAA Compliance guidelines. Our level of encryption is the same or greater than encryption used by banks and other financial institutions.

You can reset your password by selecting the “forgot your password” link on the login page. Please be sure you are using the correct email address. If you do not receive an email within a day, the address you entered is probably not the one you used to sign up.

You can opt-out of Radius Care emails by visiting our secure email subscription manager here.

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Radius Care is fully HIPAA compliant!

We do not review or disclose any patient details.


Radius Care is fully HIPAA compliant!

We do not review or disclose any patient details.

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